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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Great love poems for husband: Best poems for husband

I never knew there would be a better tomorrow But youve come into my life and taken away all my sorrow
My days of sadness are a thing of the past Because I have found true love at last My days of emptiness are gone for good Because you fill a void in my heart that you should Youve opened a window Youve shown me the light And my love for you will continue to burn bright.

All love poem for wife|Beautiful love poems for wife

When we first fell in love I thought that nothing could compare To the magical romance That you and I had come to share.
But as time passed feelings deepened And our closeness grew The romance turned into A real and lasting love with you.
You care for me in all the ways I want and need so much.
Iove felt your warmth and tenderness With every word and touch.
I know I can depend on you For support and honesty That patient understanding That you always give to me.
Theres a special kind of happiness That only love can bring And Love found that happiness with you You are my everything.You Are My Everything

I love you poems| best I love you poems for Her

I love you not for what you are but what you make of me.
I love you for your thoughtful ways that set my spirit free.
I love youfor your caring touch that makes my life seem whole.
I love youfor your faith in methat soothes my weary soul I love you for your patience your kindness never ends.
Inspires me to move on with lifethrough all its curves and bends.I love youfor your gentle ways when we both disagree Of pointing out what you dislike without much hurting me.
I love youfor the friendship you give without pretense that made me madly fond of you and miss you in your absence.I love you for your gentle kissand warmth of your embrace.
I love you for the boost you give so often without praise For all these things and all these reasons that youve made me what I am.
I love you too with all my life and all the person that I am.I LOVE YOU!I

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Love Poem For A Girl| A Girl Love Poems

Just three little words dont seem like enough for someone whose smile still brightens my day whose touch can make me forgetthe rest of the world.
They dont seem like enough for someone whos always been there to celebrate with me when everything goes my way and to hold my handwhen my whole worldseems to fall apart.But even though I Love You cant express the depth of my feelings for you.
I hope you know whats in my heart.Because loving you means more to me than anything in the world and it always willI Love You

Long Great Love Poems|Over 101 Love Poems Collection

I long for all the words to say My love for you will never stray
I follow paths that Angels lay I need to get to you some way
I see you in my dreams at night I feel you when I close my eyesyour love it flows within my veins your memories etched within my brain no matter if your near or far
you are my Life my one desire I hear their cries from up above The Angels Neal for You my Love
The birds they sing All creatures bow for you alone the world revolves as sure as lightning splits the sky the Angels smile for you on high Ive never known a more precious love
your hearts as pure as snow white doves your touch it makes the flowers grow your breath it sends them to and fro And from the valleys deep bellowon to the mountain tops they go
those Angels with their songs to sing for you their praises loud they ring
You are my Life You are my soul
You are the one who makes me whole
My love my passion rests with you you make each day I wake brand newi will cherish you until the end
My love for you will never bendand if that day should ever come
Youll know my love you were the one And as I pass thru heavens gates I too will sing those Angels Praiseand if you look I know youll see the loudest one it will be me Now one last thing before I go
Colleen theres something you should knowIve Loved you since the start of time
And one day soon You will be mine!
I Love You With All My Heart

Short Love Poems|Famous Love Poems

As the days go by You are still mine
Your hair is gold
Our love is bold
It will never fade
The couple of us fate has made Forever

A Love Poem|A Beautiful Love Poem|Best Poem Fot A Future Wife

Your are truly the perfect one for me After you read this poem
you will see I didnt believe in love till I looked at you Now I know and I will always be faithful and true
I looked at you you looked so fine Damn baby you dont know how glad I am that youre mine When we started going out you brought joy into my life
I just wanna love you and I want you to be my wife My love for you is so so true Thats why I give all my heart to you You dont know how long Ive been searching And how long Ive been wishing For an angel like you to enter my lonely life For you
I will die for you I will strive Other guys might have hurt you broke your heart in two But thus something I will NEVER EVER do Thus how I know youre the one for me
I will always and forever cherish thee Anytime youre lost or cantsee the light i will guide you fight for you with all my might You touched my body you touched my soul Because of my baby my world is no longer cold Youre my lover
my very best friend My love for you will NEVER EVER end You make me happy you make me smile Youre the only thing that makes my life worthwhile Youre the perfect girl for me
Cause youre my future wife to be Every night I sleep I think of you And all the things we do Every day i am awake I think of you And how Id do anything for you And I promise i will be strong To love you even if people think its wrong
I will love you always each and every day I Love You

Poems On Love|1000 Love Poems only Love

The moment I saw you cry My world came crashing down
To see those tears fall from your eyes
Turned my smile into a frown I wanted to hold you Make everything alright
But there was nothing i could do To stop you from crying tonight
I felt like a failure To myself and to you But you said that was nothing That i could do
I held you close And made your pain my own I tried to make it feel Like you were home
You kissed me softly Said you would be alright
But there was something in your eyes That had me worried that night And to this day
i promise Not to let you cry alone And to take the pain you feel And make it my own I Promise

Beautifull Love Poems|Love Poems|only Best Love Poems

Youve been stuck in my head From morning til night Youve kissed me a thousand times Nothing else could feel so right Even tough I doubted it Youve loved me from the startIt is so clear to me now That
I am forever trapped in your heartI can not wait to see you To have you look me in the eyes And tell me
I amthe one for youi will never want us to say our good byes Youre my dream come reality M wish that is finally coming true My fantasy more real than it truly seems An old love that is becoming new Everytime you say
I love youIt makes me lose my breathIf only for a secondi amclose to my eternal deathI want you forever in my life Way more than just a friend
I wnat you to be all mine Until forever comes to an end Sleeing next to ou Waking up to the sun on your fcce Moving our faces closer amd closer To share a very gentle embrace
I loved yoou the way out looked at me Everything about you and everything you areIn my eyes ou are perfect When youre close even from afar...

I Love You Poems|Best Husband and Wife Love Poem

I love you when youre sleeping and I love you when youre awake I get so excited when
I see you that I begin to shake I love to sit and snuggle when we watch TV and I love the fact that when I talk you really listen to me
I know that when I look at you my eyes begin to shine I love being a part of your life and you being a part of mine
I know that one day soonwe will be as one in life because thats the day we will become forever husband and wife Forever

Poems Only English Poems|Love Poem in English

Theres this guy I love so much I love the sound of his voice and his warm feeling touch.
He means everything in the world to me But no he doesntcare he doesntwant to see.
He acts like I have no feelings no feelings at all Its like he has no heart its like he just stands there till I break down and fall.
I spend every breakin night and day Cryin my broken empty heart away.
Just patiently waiting for the day For him to hold me in his arms and tell me itll be okay.
Or for him to look me in the eyes and tell me that hell love me forever And promise me that well always and forever be together.
But I guess thats Only in my dreams and thats what it will forever be Man! why was I to blind and stupid to see.

English Poens|Best Selected Lovely Poems Colletion

An angel tantalizes me with heavens fire To covet a life just beyond my grasp.
Years paint the path of forbidden desire As his wings burn my skin.Woe to you forbidden Angel Oh blissful agony drown my cries Expose my souls ravenous despair Gratify me with your wings afire. AN ANGELS CRIME

New Best Love Poems|Love Poems For Lover

Every time we embrace I go to that far away place When we just walk hand in hand I�m in never never land.
Whenever I look into your eyes I begin to get butterflies Then my heart skips a beat And our lips passionately meet.
You are always on my mind Your face is all it can find.
I think about you every day And know t�ll work out somehow some way.
Some say we�re dumb and foolish Some say we should do as we wish But all my heart could ever doIs tell you that I�ll always LOVE YOU

only Love Poems|Best Love Poems For Him

I losed my hope when you left but then i had you back in a secDream and dream of no pain ever time you try to leave again but then you whisper i will never leave again and im here till the end cause you are always on my mind i cant seem to hid all my love for you we will be together forever untill whe are set apart in the end Together forever till the end.

Love Poems For Him|100 Love Poems|

I never felt a love Like this beforeIts a love like no other Something I have always hoped for A love that is beautiful From the inside outA love with no tears Pain or doubt A love with soul So tender and true A love that I have found Only in you Steve I love you Only you.I love you Only you.

Long Love Poems|Poems On Love|Best Love Poems

It is amazing how one person Can mean everything to you Everything youve ever wanted The only thing that is true.
They can make you smile With tears in your eyes They can set you free Let go of your disguise.That one person will see you As youve never been seen before The true beauty inside of you Theyll unlock every secret door.This person will love you For everything insideThey will not hurt you No secrets will they hide.
Their warm embarace Will keep your spirits high As you rest in their arms Staring up at the dark sky.
You will be on their mind Even when youre apart They will always carry you Deep inside their heart.
It is the person who cares More than anyone can try You will find all the answers By looking into their eyes.
This person we love We call them The OneThey cannot be replaced By anything or anyone Very few find that person And Im blessed you see Because I found The OneAnd you have found me.
You Have Found Me.

Best Love Poems|Ultimate Love Poems

As every minute passes I miss you I miss the smile on your face I miss reassuring hugs I miss your gentle touch I miss your soft lips And your beautiful voice.
My fears all add up to bring me down That one day our love has passed us bye A mistake that will strip me of everything but a frown.Maybe someone will try to be a clown And tear down all that I love and look to live for.
A feeling that will break me A wound that would never heal My world would disappear And my reason to live will be lost Because I will always need you.
And once our love dies You should know I will die too.I need you all the time.

Love Poems For Her|Love Poems with Picture

Sitting in my bedroom alone. Listening to songs we used to listen to.
Thinking back to when we met.
Thinking how much I really miss you. Looking at our photo tears fill my eyes.
Looking at how happy we were. How I didnt realise.
I miss everything. From dancing to fighting to you holding me close to your heart.
I miss our cuddles. I try to forget but I cant.
2 years since we met. Its gone so fast.
Yet it still feels like just yesterday since we were living our perfect past.
You told me the past has gone and that we remain apart.
You also said you see me in your future and that i will always have your heart.
Those words i will never forget. Because I believe every word.
I also believe in never-ending love and a love that is no longer heard.
So forever i will whisper.
i will whisper I love you.
I hope you hear me calling because you know my whispers true.Living in our memory!

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