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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beautifull Love Poems|Love Poems|only Best Love Poems

Youve been stuck in my head From morning til night Youve kissed me a thousand times Nothing else could feel so right Even tough I doubted it Youve loved me from the startIt is so clear to me now That
I am forever trapped in your heartI can not wait to see you To have you look me in the eyes And tell me
I amthe one for youi will never want us to say our good byes Youre my dream come reality M wish that is finally coming true My fantasy more real than it truly seems An old love that is becoming new Everytime you say
I love youIt makes me lose my breathIf only for a secondi amclose to my eternal deathI want you forever in my life Way more than just a friend
I wnat you to be all mine Until forever comes to an end Sleeing next to ou Waking up to the sun on your fcce Moving our faces closer amd closer To share a very gentle embrace
I loved yoou the way out looked at me Everything about you and everything you areIn my eyes ou are perfect When youre close even from afar...

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