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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Long Love Poems|Poems On Love|Best Love Poems

It is amazing how one person Can mean everything to you Everything youve ever wanted The only thing that is true.
They can make you smile With tears in your eyes They can set you free Let go of your disguise.That one person will see you As youve never been seen before The true beauty inside of you Theyll unlock every secret door.This person will love you For everything insideThey will not hurt you No secrets will they hide.
Their warm embarace Will keep your spirits high As you rest in their arms Staring up at the dark sky.
You will be on their mind Even when youre apart They will always carry you Deep inside their heart.
It is the person who cares More than anyone can try You will find all the answers By looking into their eyes.
This person we love We call them The OneThey cannot be replaced By anything or anyone Very few find that person And Im blessed you see Because I found The OneAnd you have found me.
You Have Found Me.

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