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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Long Great Love Poems|Over 101 Love Poems Collection

I long for all the words to say My love for you will never stray
I follow paths that Angels lay I need to get to you some way
I see you in my dreams at night I feel you when I close my eyesyour love it flows within my veins your memories etched within my brain no matter if your near or far
you are my Life my one desire I hear their cries from up above The Angels Neal for You my Love
The birds they sing All creatures bow for you alone the world revolves as sure as lightning splits the sky the Angels smile for you on high Ive never known a more precious love
your hearts as pure as snow white doves your touch it makes the flowers grow your breath it sends them to and fro And from the valleys deep bellowon to the mountain tops they go
those Angels with their songs to sing for you their praises loud they ring
You are my Life You are my soul
You are the one who makes me whole
My love my passion rests with you you make each day I wake brand newi will cherish you until the end
My love for you will never bendand if that day should ever come
Youll know my love you were the one And as I pass thru heavens gates I too will sing those Angels Praiseand if you look I know youll see the loudest one it will be me Now one last thing before I go
Colleen theres something you should knowIve Loved you since the start of time
And one day soon You will be mine!
I Love You With All My Heart

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