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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Love Poems:When Your Sad

When you are sad, I...

When you are sad,

I will dry your tears,

When you are scared,

I will comfort your fears,

When you need love,

my heart I will share,

When you are sick,

for you I will careYou will feel my love when we are apart,

Knowing that nothing will change my heart,

When you are worried,

I will give you hope,

When you are confused,

I will help you copeWhen you are lost,

and can't see the light,

My love will be a beacon,

shining ever so bright,

This is my vow,

one that I pledge till the end,

For you above all are my wife and best friendThese words I have written,

speak of my love for you,

From my lips these words spoken,

shall always ring true,

God has blessed me,

and with your hand in mine,

Both of our hearts,

will forever intertwineInto all lives,

falls pain and sorrows,

I promise together,

we will meet all tomorrows,

Happy in marriage,

honor and love,

blessed in unity by God above.

By : Earl J. Dawson Jr.

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