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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Love Poems love Poem

I was once lost in d...

I was once lost in darkness,

A wandering nomadic fool,

Teetering on the edge of reason,

About to plunge into the abyss,

Then a light shone down,

Lifted me out of darkness,

Touched my soul with grace,

And beat love into my heart,

That was when I met you,

My loving wife,

For so long now you,

Have continued to save me,

Day after day,

You gave me the reason to be,

To live and to feel love,

To go on and find my dreams,

As long as you were there,

I just wanted to let you know,

That I could never fully express,

How much I feel for you,

When I love you,

Seems so simple,

How can you put into words,

The power of desire I have for you,

Pray to God,

Channel the muse,

And let my fingers type the words,

My heart beats because of you,

My soul is bright and alive,

Because of you,

And even when the trails of today,

Seem to distract me,

My love is always devoted to you,

It is eternal within my heart,

Like a constant thunder in my soul.

By : Matthew Pierce

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