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Friday, May 31, 2013

Love Never Die -Love Poems

It's been years sinc...

It's been years since we first met,

Since we looked into each other's eyes,

Not realizing that we were meant to be together,

It's been years since we shared our first laugh,

Our first smile,

Since we shared our first kiss,

I remember how strong your arms embraced me,

How soft you held me,

How warm and gentle you were,

I remember how passionate that first kiss was,

Now my heart is dancing,


knowing that it's been years,

It's been years since we first met,

And you're still here kissing me just the same,

You're still here holding me just the same,

What I felt for you is still the same,

It's been years,

And that feeling will never change.

By : Takia Johnson

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